Peace Theology in Contexts of Political Injustice

The module Peace Theology in Contexts of Political Injustice will be held in Gitega, Burundi from May 5 to 9, 2014, facilitated by Reverend David NIYONZIMA , PhD.

Module Description:

The module Peace Theology in Contexts of Political Injustice introduces the fundamental concepts of pacifist theology and methods for applying Biblical teachings of peace to situations of political injustice in the Great Lakes region of Africa. This module offers an opportunity for participants to exchange their experiences as religious leaders in responding to political injustice in their communities.

It will explore questions such as:

Can peace exist without God?

In the places where God is present, is there peace?

As leaders of religious institutions, how can we encourage our communities to approach conflict non-violently?

Do religious institutions play a role in politics in the Great Lakes region and if so, what is that role?

Application and Fees:

Complete the application form and send it to by May 2, 2014.

This cost of this module is $500, which includes tuition, food and lodging. There are a limited number of partial scholarships for this module. To apply for a scholarship, candidates must send a letter of recommendation with their application form. This letter should be written by the organization or church who will pay 50% ($250) of the fees and the scholarship will cover the rest. Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis with preference given to those who apply early.