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DialogueFor information about this year’s workshop, application or selection process, please direct questions by email to the Institute Coordinator or contact us directly with the form below:

+257 22 40 38 37

We prefer to have applications sent via email to the above address.

To speak to the executive committee member in your region, contact the following:

In Burundi : NDUWARUGIRA Oscar
Ministère Paix et Réconciliation sous la Croix (MI-PAREC)
B.P. 1470 Bujumbura, Burund
Tél : (+257) 22 40 38 37
Email :

Conseil Pour la Paix et la Réconciliation (COPARE)
AV. P.E. Lumumba, Sud-Kuvu, Bukavu, RDC
Tél : (+ 243) 998 674 420, (+243) 853 707 700
Email :

In Rwanda : SAMVURA Antoine
Friends Peace House (FPH)
B.P. 4678 Kigali, Rwanda
Tél : (+250) 788 525 619
Email :

For deposits (required on acceptance for candidacy), please make checks payable to MI-PAREC and send them to:

GLPI | BP 1470 | Bujumbura, BURUNDI