Get Involved

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Want to get involved in the Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute?

Here are several opportunities to engage in GLPI:

In the course Trauma Healing, the participants do an excercise entitiled

In the course Trauma Healing, the participants do an exercise entitled “The River of My Life”

Sponsor a participant: Peacebuilding organizations in the Great Lakes region of Africa are encouraged to send their employees to GLPI to continue their education and training in the peacebuilding domain. If you work for, or are connected to an organization in the region, consider sponsoring employees to attend the next GLPI.

Facilitate a module: If you have expertise in a specific area of peacebuilding and are interested in facilitating a module at our institute, please contact us about working together in the future.

Donate: Donations of any amount will be accepted gratefully into our scholarship fund to support highly qualified candidates in need of financial assistance.

GLPI is currently seeking the following new or used in-kind gifts to help us expand our program:

  • 2 laptops
  • 1 printer/scanner
  • 1 external hard drive
  • 1 professional digital camera

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at