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Course Description:

33156212_1517669271677469_895161795411443712_n.jpgThis course module “Youth Peace Clubs: Theory and Practice” offers the unique opportunity to learn the theory and practice of implementing peace education in schools, communities, organizations, churches, and other relevant contexts. Participants gain the tools in analyzing the causes and effects of conflicts and the approaches in conflict prevention, management, resolution, and transformation. Participants also acquire the skills in organizing and establishing peace education initiatives in their respective contexts and in promoting non-violent and transformative responses to violence and abuses. The module includes not only classroom discussions, but also participatory activities, interactive exercises, field visit, and group learning.

Course Facilitator:

22279648_1651970638157107_1707947974594843077_n.jpgIssa Sadi Ebombolo is the Peacebuilding Coordinator for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Zambia. He is the co-founder and director of Peace Club in Zambia, an initiative that teaches students, teachers, school administrators, parents, community members, and civil society with skills and knowledge in the area of peace and conflict. He established Peace Club in 2006 beginning with three Zambian schools which has since expanded into 650 schools in 13 African countries. He also founded several peace initiatives in schools, religious institutions, and prisons in Canada. Aside from facilitating at GLPI, he is also a facilitator at the Africa Peace Institute (API) in Johannesburg, South Africa. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Art in Development Studies at the Zambian Open University, and holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He is a Congolese, who was born in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Training Information:

download.jpgThe special module will be held for five days from July 2nd (Monday) to 6th (Friday) 2018 at MIPAREC Conference Center in Gitega, Burundi. Participants will come from Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, and other countries in African Great Lakes Region. Once participation is confirmed, administrative notes will be shared to give more information about how to get to the venue, what preparations to make, and what to expect from the training, among others. The participants are expected to arrive at the venue by 4:00 pm on July 1st (Sunday) before the beginning of the training, and to depart from the venue after breakfast on July 7th (Saturday) after the end of the training. The week will begin with a welcome program and orientation and will end with a certificate ceremony. Classes run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The classes will be facilitated in French, but with simultaneous English translation. All classroom sessions, meals, accommodations, and other related activities will be done within the same premises, but there will also be a field visit to a peace club in the middle of the week. Active participation, openness to a multi-cultural setting, willingness to maximize learning opportunities, and commitment to peacebuilding are key requirements to the success of this training.


GLPI 2018 New Logo.jpgFounded in 2004, the Great Lakes Peacebuilding Institute (GLPI) is a bilingual (French and English) training institute that offers high quality intensive courses in peacebuilding to peace practitioners in the African Great Lakes region. GLPI is an initiative of the following organizations:

• Conseil Pour la Paix et la Réconciliation (COPARE) from the D.R. Congo;
• Friends Peace House (FPH) from Rwanda;
• Ministry for Peace and Reconciliation Under the Cross (MIPAREC) from Burundi; and
• Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) from North America.

As of 2017, we have already trained 365 peacebuilders from Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of the region.

The GLPI Vision is to make the African Great Lakes region a space where a culture of sustainable peace, solidarity and harmonious development reigns.

The GLPI Mission is to bring peacebuilders in the African Great Lakes region closer together by strengthening their capacities through high quality intensive theoretical and practical courses in peacebuilding, sharing best practices and exchanging experiences in a spirit of building a supportive and active community of change agents.

GLPI Core Values:

• Culture of learning: We encourage a willingness to learn from each other.
• Non-violence: We are committed to promoting a culture of peace in our region by using the tools and techniques of non-violence.
• Mutual respect: As GLPI brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures, we advocate for the acceptance of others as creatures of God.
• Solidarity: Sharing the same problems, we encourage mutual support and collaboration in order to establish sustainable peace in our region.

Application and Fees:

Candidates who are interested in peacebuilding and conflict transformation work or who wish to strengthen their skills are invited to apply to this hands-on, practical and theoretical approach to peace practice. Interested candidates need to submit the following documents:

• Completed application form (click this link to download the form: Formulaire de Demande. Application Form. [GLPI Youth Peace Clubs Theory and Practice] 2-6Jul2018);
• Curriculum vitae or resume; and
• Recommendation letter from employer/organization, church, or school using official letterhead and/or stamp.

Due to a limited number of places available in the institute, candidates will be accepted on a rolling basis with priority given to early applicants. All documents should be sent electronically to the GLPI Coordinator at glpeacebuildinginstitute@gmail.com before June 15th in order for candidates to be considered for participation.

The cost for participation in this training is $500. This includes meals, accommodation, training materials, module, field visit, certificate, and other costs related to the training. The course fee must be transferred directly to the GLPI account, and participation will be confirmed upon presentation of the transfer receipt.


For any inquiries and/or other information, please contact GLPI Coordinator Ms. Christine Sumog-oy at christinesumogoy@mcc.org or mobile number +257 7694 1981.